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MAINTENANCE OIL Based on natural oils and surfactants of vegetable origin.Preventing the accumulation of static electricity thanks to the capacity of dissipating electric charge.It has the capacity to cleanse and nourish wooden surfaces, especially decking, releasing real protection on wood. Packaging 1lt.


FIRST TREATMENT OIL Blend of vegetable oils with superior hydro-oil repellent characteristics than normal oil treatments. In addition to protecting wood from decay, from attacks by mold and insects, it protects even from substances of various kinds. Suitable for all kinds of wood used for decking. Packaging 5lt.


Special broom with vaporizer tank and microfibre cloth; to be used in place of bucket and cloth.The container can be filled with a solution of water and detergent; thanks to a spray valve it wets the surface to wash it with one side of the cloth and dry it with the other one. Packaging 1 […]


Sanitizing detergent Sanitizing detergent for varnished parquet, used purely it removes the most stubborn dirt, while diluted with water is good for daily use in places where maximum hygienic safety is required. It leaves the floor clean, sanitized and fragrant. Confezione 1l.


PROTETTIVO OPACO This product provides effective protection against the penetration of stains by reducing the absorption of oil, grease, coffee, wine and paints.It regenerates the finish of floors bringing them back to their original appearance as well as reducing their slipperiness. Packaging 1 lt.